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Our goal is to reuse wastes as a resource for future and to protect the natural resources. In the Czech Republic 80 per cent of mixed communal wastes are disposed at landfills (!) Though sorting of mixed wastes is supported, the communal waste still contains more than 30 per cent of recycled components (!) The circular economy in the CzechRepublic is, however, being changed: Municipalities should organise the separate collection of metal and biodegradable wastes from people. The landfill fee will be increasing until 2024. Finally, it will be forbidden to landfill the mixed communal wastes and recyclable wastes.  We will convince you that such changes are correct and that they will not necessarily result in more expensive waste services for your municipality and your residents. 

Why SUEZ Využití zdrojů? 

WASTES ARE RESOURCES. We organise maximum reuse and sustainable waste expenses in a long-lasting horizon.

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