Circular Economy

Wastes are resources that can significantly help the European economy to get back on the path of green growth. Waste management sector plays a key role, responsible approach to waste management means the return of secondary sources and energy in production and consumption cycle. Circular economy ensures the protection of resources and the environment, job creation.

July 2016 - Czech Circular Economy Association has been registred. SUEZ Využití zdrojů is a co-founder.
June 2016 -  seminar on the topic of circular economy was held in The Senate of The Czech Parliament.
February 2016 - The action plan, aims of the circular economy package and its impact on Czech economy, these topics were discussed yesterday in European house in Prague by representatives of EU institutions, business community and non-governmental organizations.

2 December 2015 - Closing the loop: Commission adopts ambitious new Circular Economy Package to boost competitiveness, create jobs and generate sustainable growth
21 October 2015 - recommendations for the circular economy in the Czech Republic has been published
September 2015 - a Czech national convention on the topic of circular economy was held. Watch at

August 2015 - The Netherlands has announced its ambition to become a global hotspot for the circular economy, making this one of its key priorities for its presidency of the Council of the European Union, which it will take up in the first half of 2016.
July 2015 Circular economy: MEPs call for “systemic change” to address resource scarcity

Are you ready for the revolution resources?

How SUEZ Využití zdrojů contributes to circular economy?

116,000 tons of waste in 2014, we returned as secondary sources in the production and consumption cycle.

Material recovery - provide collection and waste collection and pre-usable components (such as final screening, crushing and granulation plastics)

Waste to energy - energy from waste disposal to the use of the technologies, often supply to public networks

Biological recovery - biodegradable waste processed into compost, substrates and chips


Circular economy