SUEZ in the Czech Republic

SUEZ Využití zdrojů is a stable partner in the resources protection, present in the Czech Republic since 2001 as a part of a single brand SUEZ. Our 1,200 employees provide daily eco-innovative services to our 10,000 customers from the municipal and industrial sectors.

Best of safe services to protect natural resources
We support the principles of circular economy. Natural resources are becoming scarcer and Europe has a shortage of natural resources. European countries produce large amounts of waste, but still only a small part of them are also used. Our goal is to use waste as a resource for the future and protection of natural resources, continually increasing the quantity and quality of the recycled materials.

Sustainability and CSR
We support our employees' volunteerism aimed primarily at protecting natural resources and support for the disabled and disadvantaged. For our customers, always looking for new eco-innovative solutions help apply the model of sustainable consumption and production, resource efficiency, increasing the share of sorted and recovered secondary raw materials. waste are resources