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We are at the dawn of the resource revolution. With a heritage that stretches back more than 150 years, with a presence in more than 70 countries, with the expert skills and commitment of more than 90 000 employees, and, now, with a single brand, we know that we cannot fight this revolution alone.

key figures 2016

15,3 mld.€ revenue
74 mil € invested into R&D and innovations
323 000 trade and industry customers


7 TWh of energy produced each year from wastes 92 mil. inhabitants supplied drinking water 
41 mil tons of processed wastes  65 mil. people provided water services
17 mil tons of reused wastes    10 mil. people supplied desalinated drinking water
3.9 mil tons of secondary raw materials  


Natural resources are not inexhaustible. Each day SUEZ helps to protect the natural resources, as it provides eco-innovative solutions to millions of people, to municipalities and industries. We believe that we are able to harmonise the economic performance, impacts on the environment and social responsibility. We have committed ourselves to helping our customers to make their way towards the green growth so that they can accomplish their goals. Together with our customers we do our best to find an ideal customised solution for their specific activities.
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